Pump(kin) Up The Volume

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Hello guys and ghouls,

Though the annual Ivy Pumpkin Carving Contest was a dud this year (see results above), my homemade Halloween costume wasn’t. What do you have when you combine a neon orange dress (who doesn’t have one hanging in the closet?), an orange wig (already had that too), a giant black Sharpie, two folders, and two highlighters? Oh, you know, just an Ashlynn-sized Highlighter!

I was pretty proud of my office inspired get-up.

Kass (the bf) even helped me fashion a pair of earrings out of the caps of the highlighters.

My one complaint is that I wish I would have had a bit more energy to party hop. We went to the annual “Keeneyween” where we hung out with a pair of sugar gliders, and then we warmed our toes around a nice fire at my friend Jessica’s house after that, but we lost steam by midnight, which isn’t that abnormal for me….but I should have optimized my “bright” idea.

I hate that Halloween only lasts one day, or a weekend if you are lucky. I wish there were twelve days of Halloween instead of twelve days of Christmas.  I can’t wait to see everyone’s creeeeepy creations!


Life’s a Peach (at the Beach)

My Weird/Wild Weekend in Music

First of all, as I’m writing this, I’m still recovering. Not from booze (though I’m not complaining about the Ace Hard Cider I had). Not from lack of sleep (caught up on lots of that Saturday morning). What I’m recovering from is a sort of sensory overload. How can I sum it up? The traveling musicians that I was able to see this weekend blew this little “grandma’s” mind.

This post is a “hey look at all the neat stuff you can see in Beaumont” sort of message. I’m not going to go on and on and tell you that all of our local acts were awesome this weekend. That’s a given. In Beaumont, our musical heart has been pumping hard for a while.  However, I do want to take a few paragraphs to give props to the touring musical acts that are making time to visit the area. So, this blog post is for them. A big thank you in less than 1,000 words.

Friday night, Dave and I, along with Zachary Silas Feemster, were invited to play at John and Jana Fulbright’s house, where they were hosting a small concert for two traveling musical acts: Jeremy Waun and Perpetual Dusk at Curtsy Caverns.

If you have ever been to the Fulbright’s house, you know that their backyard is magical. It has that rustic, natural vibe that makes everyone feel groovy and happy: dim lighting, leaves and vines, found objects, John’s art. It’s a nice place.

Photo of Jeremy Waun taken by John Fulbright

So, after Dave and I played, Jeremy Waun set up and quickly stole my heart. First of all, the guy is humble as hell, but writes songs that made me want to smile and cry at the same time. His melodies were simple, and the sound of his voice reminded me of Davendra Banhart (but less gimmicky). The overall effect was downright haunting. I bought the cd and listened to the entire album the following morning. I found it as charming as I found him in person.

After Jeremy, Perpetual Dusk at Curtsy Caverns took out their suitcases, filled with music making goodies (bottles, lids, cans, kid’s toys, a xylophone), and entertained the heck out of us with their feet-stomping, hand-slapping, heart-filled antics. Steven would at different points in the set, slide off his shoes and stomp and hum and shout, while Edwin belted a merry Mo-town/gaelic (I know it doesn’t sound possible) sounding tune and keep rhythm with a bouncing left foot. I loved the spontaneity of each song, how fast they were, and how they would throw and destroy their instruments in between each song. Good stuff.

Moving on to Saturday. What happened Saturday night at the Victoria House was a musical assault of the best kind. Being at the V-house with such a warm and colorful group of people always gives me that hug-your-knees-to-your-chest-and-smile sort of feeling. Creativity is seeping through the walls of this place, and everyone can feel it.

After Gonzo Sirens and Jenny and the Reincarnation played (who I already feel carry mass amounts of AWESOME  with them wherever they go), I Make The Young made heaven happen. I mean, really. What a voice. It carried with it so much pain and love and whatever else made those songs work. At one point, Holly Jackson and I looked at each other with tears in our eyes.

Then, things got crazy and wild and weird, in a good way. It is hard to explain it in words. Let me try. The Back Pockets came at us in all their glory and fury. What can describe what I witnessed. This photo, maybe? 

This is the result of a frenzy of creative energy. The V-house crowd appreciated every ounce of it.

And the t-shirts were rad (thanks for getting one for me Rob Flurry).

Hope everyone else had as much fun as I did.